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I’ve included some of my favorite photos on this website and included personal comments on each. If you “mouse over” the photos you can view my thoughts.

Welcome to Santa Cruz Family Therapy

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) who genuinely believes that therapy can be a transformational experience that produces powerful and long-term change in your life. Whether overwhelmed by a problem or feelings that cannot be fully understood, troubled by a relationship that is failing, or experiencing diminished ability to be effective in your everyday routine, I would consider myself honored to be trusted with your vulnerability and pain, and help you to achieve positive change in your life.

My offices are located in Santa Cruz and San Jose / Campbell. However, I also see clients via video session or over the phone. I encourage clients to choose what is most comfortable for them. Please contact me to schedule your first session.

My Specialties

Finding a Therapist or Marriage Counselor

Initiating therapy can be a daunting and challenging process, and that begins with selecting a family therapist or marriage counselor around whom you will feel comfortable, safe, and respected. You’ve taken the first step by going online to find that therapist, but it can be a difficult exercise to pick who to call out of the many choices available to you.

Although it would be beneficial for you to personally interview prospective therapists, with today’s busy work and personal schedules, it’s not very practical to do so. The purpose of my web site is to provide some of the information you would obtain by speaking with me. It doesn’t replace our initial appointment, but hopefully, it gives you a better idea if I’m the right fit for your counseling needs.

It comes as no surprise that those who find psychotherapy helpful say the most important part of therapy is their relationship with the therapist. I’ve tried to personalize the content on this site and make it conversational wherever I can, to better enable you to discern whether there might be a connection — an important element of the client-therapist relationship. I’ll start that by sharing about myself.

I became a therapist because I discovered that it was a large part of who I am. Even at an early age, I found that I was often the person others felt safe to let their guard down with — to share with me what was happening with them below the surface and to seek out my guidance.

As I trusted others with my own struggles and pain and experienced their compassion and insights, it helped me on my life journey, and I desired to offer that same care to others. For me, being a therapist and marriage counselor is about loving to listen to others, to hear their story, to share their pain, to support them in altering their course or making changes in their life, marriage or relationships, and to be present with them during a small part of their life journey.

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Santa Cruz Family Therapy
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