The Divorce Process

Sometimes saving a marriage may not be possible.

Going through a divorce is painful, scary and isolating.

Having someone to support and help you process the emotions and numerous adjustments you will experience between the end of a marriage and rebuilding a new life can be helpful. Counseling and/or psychotherapy while transitioning through the emotional divorce phase, physical divorce phase, legal and economic divorce phase and the acceptance/re-establishment phase is all part of the grieving and rebuilding process.

Whether you are the leaver or levee, here are some adjustments I can help you with during the divorce and post divorce process:

  • Grieving the loss of the marriage
  • Grieving the former social network
  • Telling relatives and friends the change in marital status
  • Finalizing the legal divorce process
  • Finding and establishing a new residence
  • Exploring new interests
  • Possibly changing jobs
  • Personal Identity – transition to being single
  • Reflecting (on self, the marriage and the end of the marriage)
  • Helping children understand and accept the divorce
  • Seeking a new love interest (dating and seeking a new romantic partner)
  • Developing a new social support system